I was always inspired by my father who had so much creativity and imagination when creating companies, I internalized it and found out that I had the same desire and passion. During my Junior year of high school, I asked my father if I could come up with a company that could incorporate both my love for dance and my passion for business. Thus, Silver Panda was founded. Throughout my time working on this project, I worked with manufacturers and picked up key leadership skills that helped me gain a lot of experience. Silver Panda was a company focused on athletic wear that was infused with silver fibers which combat the smell of sweat. I went to the MAGIC Convention focused on the fashion industry which was an amazing experience for me as a 17 year old. I never imagined such an experience where I had total control of the products I wanted to produce. Although it did not become a booming business, I still am extremely grateful for everything I learned and how it furthered my career and experience levels.