When I started Irish Dance, I never thought I would fall in love with it. I did it for fun to expand my horizons as there was a dance studio above my karate studio. Slowly I began to pick up dance and realized how much I loved it. I then moved to a new dance studio where I met the most amazing woman ever. My dance teacher pushed me to new heights that I never thought were possible. I ended up winning 3 competitions in 2016 and qualifying for the Nationals for the first time that year in December. Throughout my dance career I experienced numerous injuries which took me out of the studio. These were the hardest times for me because all I wanted to do was go back and compete. Thankfully my teacher was so helpful in the rehabilitation of my injuries I ended up always bouncing back and placing on the regional level. I still catch myself missing dance from time to time and am forever thankful for the skills and bonds I acquired from the 10 years of Irish dancing.